Clouds and Climate

The Romps Group at the University of California, Berkeley

EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Fall 2012
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This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Tuesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


08/21, Kyongmin leads
  • Zhang and McFarlane, Sensitivity of climate simulations to the parameterization of cumulus convection, Atmosphere-Ocean, 1995
08/28, practice quals talk by Nadir
  • Domain size and convective self-aggregation
09/04, Edman leads
  • Romps, Weak pressure gradient approximation and its analytical solutions, JAS, 2012
09/11, with guest Dargan Frierson (U Washington)
  • Hwang, Frierson, and Kay, Coupling between Arctic feedbacks and changes in poleward energy transport, GRL, 2011
09/18, with guest Steven Krueger (U Utah)
  • Golaz, Larson, and Cotton, A PDF-based model for boundary layer clouds. Part I: Method and model description, JAS, 2002
09/25, Kyongmin leads
  • Blyth, Entrainment in cumulus clouds, JAM, 1993
10/02, with guest Tom Knutson (NOAA GFDL)
  • Knutson et al, Tropical cyclones and climate change, Nature Geoscience, 2010
10/16, Nadir leads
  • Francis and Vavrus, Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes, GRL, 2012
10/23, Kyongmin leads
  • Boing et al, Detrainment in deep convection, GRL, 2012
10/30, with guest Patrick Chuang (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Small and Chuang, New observations of precipitation initiation in warm cumulus clouds
11/13, Edman leads
  • Mapes, Gregarious tropical convection, JAS, 1993
12/18, David leads
  • Tokinaga et al, Slowdown of the Walker circulation driven by tropical Indo-Pacific warming, Nature, 2012
01/08, Bowen leads
  • Neggers et al, A multiparcel model for shallow cumulus convection, JAS, 2002
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