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EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Spring 2013
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This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 3:00
377 McCone Hall


01/15, Rusen leads
  • Heymsfield et al., Characteristics of Deep Tropical and Subtropical Convection from Nadir-Viewing High-Altitude Airborne Doppler Radar, JAS, 2010
01/29, Edman leads
  • Hansen, Perception of Climate Change, PNAS, September 2012
02/06, Wolfgang leads
  • Lasher-Trapp, Broadening of droplet size distributions from entrainment and mixing in a cumulus cloud, QJRMS, 2005
02/13, Nadir leads
  • Archer and Brovkin, The millennial atmospheric lifetime of anthropogenic CO2, Climatic Change 2008
02/20, Seeley leads
  • Gettelman et al., Multidecadal trends in tropical convective available potential energy, JGR, 2002
02/27, Bowen leads
  • de Roode, Duynkerke, and Siebesma, Analogies between mass-flux and Reynolds-averaged equations, JAS, 2000
03/06, Rusen leads
  • Ghate, Miller, and DiPretore, Vertical velocity structure of marine boundary layer trade wind cumulus clouds, JGR, 2011
03/13, Edman leads
  • Bretherton and Sobel, The Gill model and the weak temperature gradient approximation, JAS, 2003
04/03, Wolfgang leads
  • Lindzen et al., Does the Earth have an adaptive iris?, BAMS, 2001
04/10, everyone leads
  • Research updates
04/24, Nadir leads
  • Yano and Plant, Finite departure from convective quasi-equilibrium: periodic cycle and discharge-recharge mechanism, QJRMS, 2012
04/30, with guest Sue van den Heever (CSU)
  • van den Heever, Stephens, and Wood, Aerosol indirect effects on tropical convection characteristics under conditions of radiative-convective equilibrium, JAS, 2011
05/08, Seeley leads
  • Raymond, Regulation of moist convection over the west Pacific warm pool, JAS, 1995
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