Clouds and Climate

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EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Summer 2013
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This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 3:00
377 McCone Hall


05/15, Rusen leads
  • Damiani, R., Vali, G. and S. Haimov, The structure of thermals incumulus from airborne dual-Doppler radar observations, JAS, 2006
05/22, Bowen leads
  • McKain et al, Assessment of ground-based atmospheric observations for verification of greenhouse gas emissions from an urban region, PNAS, 2012
05/29, Edman leads
  • Mapes, Mutual adjustment of mass flux and stratification profiles, 1997
06/05, Wolfgang leads
  • Baker et al., The Effects of Turbulent Mixing in Clouds, JAS, 1984
06/12, Nadir leads
  • Kuang and Bretherton, A Mass-Flux Scheme View of a High-Resolution Simulation of a Transition from Shallow to Deep Cumulus Convection, JAS, 2006
06/26, Seeley leads
  • Mapes, Convective Inhibition, Subgrid-Scale Triggering Energy, and Stratiform Instability in a Toy Tropical Wave Model, JAS, 2000
07/03, Rusen leads
  • Warner et al, Stereo photogrammetry of cumulonimbus clouds, QJRMS, 1973
07/10, Bowen leads
  • Singh and O'Gorman, Increase of CAPE with warming in simulations of radiative-convective equilibrium, GRL, 2014
07/24, Nadir leads
  • Betts and Harshvardhan, Thermodynamic constraint on the cloud liquid water feedback in climate models, JGR, 1987
07/31, Edman leads
  • Arakawa and Wu, A Unified Representation of Deep Moist Convection in Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere. Part I, JAS, 2013
08/07, Wolfgang leads
  • Cooper, Lasher-Trapp, and Blyth, The In#uence of Entrainment and Mixing on the Initial Formation of Rain, JAS, 2013
08/28, Seeley leads
  • Hartmann and Larson, An important constraint on tropical cloud-climate feedback, GRL, 2002
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