Clouds and Climate

The Romps Group at the University of California, Berkeley

EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Summer 2014
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This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Tuesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


5/13, Wolfgang leads
  • Ross, Tompkins, and Parker, Simple Models of the Role of Surface Fluxes in Convective Cold Pool Evolution, JAS, 2004
5/20, Romps and Rusen lead
  • Joughin, Smith, and Medley, Marine Ice Sheet Collapse Potentially Underway for the Thwaites Glacier Basin, West Antarctica, Science, 2014
  • Rignot et al, Widespread, rapid grounding line retreat of Pine Island, Thwaites, Smith and Kohler glaciers, West Antarctica from 1992 to 2011, GRL, 2014
5/27, Nadir leads
  • Mapes, Water's two height scales: The moist adiabat and the radiative troposphere, QJRMS, 2001
6/3, Seeley leads
  • Craig and Mack, A coarsening model for self-organisation of tropical convection, JGR, 2013
6/10, Charn leads
  • Sherwood et al, Slippery thermals and the cumulus entrainment paradox, JAS, 2013
6/17, Edman leads
  • EIA, Annual Energy Outlook, 2014, and Schrag, Is shale gas good for climate change?, Daedalus, 2012
6/24, Nadir leads
  • Matthews and Caldeira, Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions, GRL, 2008
7/15, Wolfgang leads
  • Li, Zuidema, and Zhu, Simulated convective invigoration processes at trade-wind cumulus cold pool boundaries, JAS, 2014
7/22, Seeley leads
  • Meraner, Mauritsen, and Voigt, Robust increase in equilibrium climate sensitivity under global warming, GRL, 2013
Edman leads
  • Haertel et al., Vertical-mode decompositions of 2-day waves and the Madden-Julian Oscillation, JAS, 2008
Nadir leads
  • Pendergrass and Hartmann, The Atmospheric Energy Constraint on Global-Mean Precipitation Change, J Climate, 2014
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