David M. Romps

Goldman Distinguished Chair in the Physical Sciences

Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Science

Director, Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center


EPS 7, Introduction to Climate Change

EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics


More wildfire in the Arctic expected as summer lightning doubles

Stereo cameras deployed to Argentina to measure clouds

New evidence that climate sensitivity increases with warming


Plain-language abstracts for all the group's papers


Spring 2021: Graduate student Yi-Chuan Lu gives seminar at Florida State

Yi-Chuan describes how to extend the Heat Index to the extreme conditions soon to be commonplace

Spring 2021: Undergrad Forrest Fankhauser joins the group

Forrest is probing how the distribution of temperatures has changed


The Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center

Directed by Professor Romps, BASC is the hub for UC Berkeley's research on the science of the atmosphere, its interactions with Earth systems, and the future of Earth's climate

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Advice for physics majors wanting to work on climate

Are you majoring in physics and want to work on climate change?

If so, these notes are for you!

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